Letters to the Editor: July 14 – 20, 2011


Fairfax Water User Wants New Independent Board


We Fairfax County voters who use Falls Church water demand creation of a new Independent Water Board to set water rates. We now pay water rates that are 60% higher than water rates for the rest of Fairfax County, $3.37/gal versus $2.04/gal for Fairfax Water. These rates are unfairly set by the Falls Church City Council, who are in no way accountable to 92% of the water users, citizens of Fairfax County.

We demand the new Independent Water Board have 92% representation elected or appointed by Fairfax County and Falls Church can appoint or elect 8% to represent their users. Our water rates will be set fairly only by having independent, accountable, and representative rate setters.

We suggest he new Independent Water Board ask the Fairfax Water Authority to share their best practices and efficient cost management techniques with Falls Church Water. There is simply no excuse to be charging $1.33 per gallon more for the same quality of water. Whether Falls Church suffers from mismanagement, inefficiency or corruption, they need to reform. Fairfax County Water is the best practices benchmark for Falls Church.

We also ask that Fairfax County act to stop the transfer of millions of dollars from Fairfax County voters to Falls Church. The difference between Falls Church’s Fairfax Water is $1.33/gal. We feel that the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors should inaugurate at $1.33/gal tax on sales of water to Fairfax County residents from the Falls Church water monopoly. Falls Church needs to pay rent on the Fairfax land over which their pipes carry water. Fairfax can rebate those taxes to the F.C. water victims or use it to invest in Fairfax water lines to supply our homes with affordable water from an accountable water authority.

This should be an election year issue. There are possibly over 200,000 voters who have been and continue to be victimized and we can surely vote for county supervisors who can protect us from Falls Church’s predatory monopoly profiteering.

John Naman


Time for F.C. to Get Out of Water Business


The City of Falls Church needs to exit the water supply business, either voluntarily by selling their system or involuntarily through court order divestiture.

They are competition averse and unable or unwilling to price their product competitively.

The majority of their customers are disgruntled and would gladly change suppliers if possible.

There is no accountability – either economically or politically – for their customers outside Falls Church City.

They are litigious and waste their rate and tax payers funds trying to maintain the status quo.

They refuse to do the right and logical thing and refund their overcharges and are now headed for court again.

It is amazing how they were able to transfer a surplus to the general fund for years before the Judge stopped the practice.

Almost immediately they need a 24% rate increase over the next three years. Sounds suspicious.

The city fathers should remember where their sewage goes before continuing to annoy the citizens of Fairfax County.

I call on Fairfax County officials to do the right thing and free 100,000 of their constituents from the clutches of this criminal enterprise.

The best solution for all concerned would be for officials of the City of Falls Church to face economic and political reality, stop robbing their neighbors, and concentrate on running their Little City.

Charles G. Stevens

Falls Church


Deny Developer Until He’s a Good Neighbor


What’s happened to Bob Young? He used to like Falls Church, or that’s what he used to say. Evidently building a hotel across the street from St. James School has caused him to no longer have any care for his neighbors.

Have you seen his property condition? The weeds are now over six feet high. He has not maintained this property since he bought it from the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Now he wants the City of Falls Church to do him all kinds of favors so he can build a cheap hotel. At a hearing the other night before the Planning Commissoner, Bob’s potential purchasers said if we can’t build an inferior hotel then (threat, threat) we will not build a hotel at all.

The neighbors do not want Bob Young or his hotel on Park Avenue or anywhere in Falls Church, if he is now going to back off his plans to build a quality hotel.

The Planning Commissioner and the City Council should under no circumstances back-off requiring a “LEED silver” hotel.

My office is 711 Park Avenue and 104 N. Oak Street. We are right next door to Bob Young’s land. We have the best landscaped property in Falls Church. In fact, we have a certificate on our wall that says we do. All of his weeds encumber on our property. I have brought this deplorable condition of their land to the City’s attention on a number of occasions and I have given written complaints about his total lack of up-keep and Falls Church does nothing.

Deny Bob Young all rights until he can once again be a good neighbor and a good citizen.

John L. Melnick, Esq.

Falls Church


Take Players’ Side in Current NFL Lockout


I am a resident of Falls Church and I am writing about the NFL lockout. The NFL lockout has been going on for over 100 days. Over this time period NFL teams have not been allowed to meet and hold workouts with players. There have been discussions going on between the players and the owners but so far there is not much agreement on anything. The main disagreement between the two sides is what percentage of the money the owners get versus the players but there are other problems such as free agency and salary caps.

My position is that the owners don’t need any more money than they are getting because they already have a lot of money. The players are the ones who suit up every Sunday and risk injuries to themselves to play for the fans. Many players sustain major injuries while playing, concussions being one of the worst and most commonly suffered. Also if discussions do not finish soon they will start cutting into the regular seasons and all over America the NFL will lose money and fans. One of my favorite things to do is fantasy football and you can’t play if there is no football so I hope that the two sides can agree and start the season on time.

Douglas Bossart

Falls Church


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