Letters to the Editor: October 22 – 28, 2009

Kindness of F.C. Stranger Recovers Dog


We very recently adopted an energetic and lovable Foxhound mix from the shelter.

Having lost our beloved family dog of almost-16 years-old in September, we’re still adjusting to the change in energy levels and behaviors of our new dog, Cletus, and accidentally left the gate open on Thursday evening when taking the trash out. Of course Cletus dashed out of the yard for a run through the neighborhood, in the dark, cold, and pouring rain of the night. We live on a corner, so the potential danger from passing cars caused us extra angst.


If you’ve ever tried to corral a young and very energetic Foxhound, you can see where this is going. While my husband and son tried to slow him down, I ran into the intersections to slow every passing car. Most drivers were sympathetic once they realized the crazy woman frantically waving her arms at them meant no harm, and drove through safely as Cletus was racing back and forth. Much to our surprise one driver stopped and assisted us; she offered guidance and ran with us to capture our tiring hound, who eventually gave up and allowed the leash to be snapped on. In the blur of those moments, the kindness of a stranger was very much appreciated, and we hope that she knows how grateful we are for her assistance that night.

The Ulses Family

Falls Church