Fall Church Summertime! News

July 26 – August 1, 2007

Oakton Otters Score High

The Oakton Otters competed against Kent Gardens in Division 6 Diving on July 17, taking several top spots. Everi Osofsky claimed second place for the freshman girls category. A.J. Colbert, Haley Worsham and Lauren Johnson took home the top three spots for the junior girls. Daniel Nugent won first place for the junior boys. Alyssa Worsham came in first for the intermediate girls, with Allie Kralick in a close second place. Kellie Ruffer earned second with excellent dives for the senior girls.

Oakton will host their final meet of the season against Walden Glen on July 24.


20th Annual Cracker Jack Meet

On July 22, the 20th Annual Cracker Jack Dive Meet was held at Cardinal Hill pool in Vienna. The largest meet in the U.S., Cracker Jack brought together 340 competitive divers from all over Northern Virginia, with 34 pools were represented. This year, the youngest diver in the competition was four-years-old.

At the Six-Year-Old Girls level, Maggie McDonough of Highlands Swim took first place with a score of 68.85. Jo Jo Discipio of Lee-Graham earned third with 52.50, while Paige Lighthammer of Tuckahoe came in fourth (51.20). Aaron Freeman of Truro won first place with 47.80 at the Six-Year-Old Boys level. Tommy Kristincz of Tuckahoe placed second (43.15). Vienna Woods diver Diana Miskell earned the Seven-Year-Old Girls title with 72.25, while Katie Hensel of Overlee (43.80) took home eighth place. The winner of the Seven-Year-Old Boys level was Erik Sahlgren of Cardinal Hill, who scored 62.05. Ryan Clary of Sleepy Hollow B&R placed ninth with 38.50. Jenna Simpkins of HSC scored 58.55, earning first place for Eight-Year-Old Girls. Hannah Hiscott of Lee-Graham took sixth with 46.65. Tuckahoe divers Nicole Krisztincz (45.70) and Lillie Saba (45.05) took home ninth and 10th places respectively. The Eight-Year-Old Boys winner, Johnny Corish (Dunn Loring) scored 59.65. He was followed closely by second place winner Alex Brady of Sleepy Hollow B&R (55.00). Grant Newberry of Lee-Graham earned ninth place with 42.10. At the Nine-Year-Old Girls level, Phoebe Cooper of Truro won first place with a score of 63.30. The Nine-Year-Old Boys winner was Daniel Wheeler of Vienna Woods (59.05). Sleepy Hollow B&R diver Ben Grishaw placed fifth (49.45). Everi Osofsky of Oakton took first place at the 10-Year-Old Girls level, scoring 66.20. Stephen Workman of Truro earned the 10-Year-Old Boys title with 66.80, while Lee-Graham diver Michael Curry scored 61.05, placing second. Tuckahoe diver Cole Osborne came in 10th place with 46.00. Sara Hartmann of Truro placed first at the 11-Year-Old Girls level with 98.60. The 11-Year-Old Boys winner was Philip Greco of Tuckahoe who scored 89.40. Kyle Gannon of Lee-Graham took third place (65.30), while Bobby Pizer of Sleepy Hollow B&R finished eighth. At the 12-Year-Old Girls level, Emily Walker of Donaldson Run won first with a score of 86.45. Lee-Graham divers Kylie Englander (79.60) and Hannah Pearlman (78.00) took home second and third, respectively. The 12-Year-Old Boys winner was Quinn Monette of Truro (93.70). Nicholas Newbery (65.05), Joshua Pearlman (54.50) and James Curry (28.25), all from Lee-Graham, earned seventh, ninth and 10th. Taylor Whitman of Truro won the 13 & Over Girls level, scoring 107.70. Nick Guttendorf of Truro took home the winning 13 & Over Boys title with a score of 131.90.


Northern Virginia

Swimming League News

At the All-Star Relay Carnival on July 18, the Tuckahoe 13-14 Girls team set a new record of 2:07.52 in the 200-Meter Medley Relay. Three days later, on July 21, during the meet between Tuckahoe and Hamlet, the Tuckahoe team set their second record of the week with a time of 59.66 in the 13-14 Girls 100-Meter Medley Relay. The team includes Eva Greene, Karen Schirm, Megan Howard and Sarah Eule.

Area Team Results

Division 1

Overlee (233.0) def. Chesterbrook (169.0); Hamlet (213.0) def. Tuckahoe (189.0)


Division 3

Lee-Graham (233.0) def. McLean (169.0); Sleepy Hollow B & R (215.0) def. South Run (187.0)


Division 5

High Point Pool (243.0) def. Dowden Terrace (159.0)


Division 7

Poplar Heights (212.0) def. Kent Gardens (190.0)


Division 13

Little Hunting Park (234.0) def. Woodley (168.0); Camelot (202.0) def. Holmes Run (200.0)


Local Pools Competing Saturday, July 28 (all meets begin at 9 a.m.)


Division 1

Divisionals at Overlee


Division 3

Divisionals at Sleepy Hollow B&R


Division 5

Divisionals at Cardinal Hill

Division 7

Divisionals at Mansion House


Division 13

Divisionals at Stratford