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Mimi’s American Bistro, Bistrot Du Coin, The Palm, 3 options for a special dining experience in D.C. this or any weekend.

If you want to find me in D.C., try one of these three great restaurants in the DuPont Circle area. The Palm, 1225 19th Street, is legendary, of course, but with six-pound lobsters this month, it’s over the top, in advance of a brief pause for renovations. Mimi’s, 2120 P Street, is the only place in the region featuring singing waiters and waitresses. It’s always a gas and the food is quite good. Bistrot Du Coin, 1738 Connecticut Avenue, reminds me of the famous Pastis in New York’s Meat Packing District. Noisy and unpretentious, it’s the best late night restaurant in D.C., handy for post-Kennedy Center dining. Tops on the menu are the dozen varieties of muscles.