2024-06-21 2:22 PM

Restaurant Spotlight: The Italian Cafe


The Italian Café’s interior is reminiscent of an old family bistro in which you gather around a magnificently set table with close relatives and old friends, dining on rich, meaty pasta dishes served with heavy sauces.

Restaurant Spotlight: Cuzco Restaurant

One of the best things about this region of Virginia is being able to have authentic cultural cuisine at your fingertips without needing a passport. I have never been to Peru, but if the food there is anything reminiscent of that which I had at Fairfax’s Cuzco Restaurant, then consider my bags packed.

Restaurant Spotlight: Village Bistro

Self-described as “a little French, somewhat Italian, sort of American with East Indian Accents,” the experience at Village Bistro is undeniably unique.

Restaurant Spotlight: Luna Grill and Diner


Located in Arlington, the Luna Grill and Diner stands firm under its motto “Not your usual diner!” This was certainly evident upon my visit. Without even having a bite of anything at all, it already struck me as exceptional. The décor is original and innovative. It is always nice when a restaurant immediately feels welcoming. […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Pines of Naples


Tucked away on the upper level of two other stores, I almost couldn’t find it. Good thing I did. A cozy restaurant, Pines of Naples is known for its homemade meals and relaxed environment and upon visiting, both traits lived up to the reputation.

Restaurant Spotlight: La Promessa

La Promessa Pasta, Seafood and Steaks has just recently opened on Lee Highway, replacing Aldo’s Italian Steakhouse, and is already leaving a lasting impression. Lively, vibrant paintings adorn the scarlet walls and the restaurant’s dim lighting creates the perfect romantic atmosphere, ideal for that first date.