2024-05-28 1:04 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Press Pass: Big Tow


Music careers can take a lot of twists and turns over time, dragging artists all over the map. That makes it all the more remarkable that the four gentlemen comprising local rock outfit Big Tow have managed to reunite more than 40 years after first playing together in junior high school in Falls Church.


Aaron Lewis

Unfiltered and unplugged, Aaron Lewis descends on D.C.’s Warner Theatre next Thursday night, toting only his acoustic guitar. The no-strings format seems wildly appropriate for Lewis, who has gained notoriety by bringing hard rock group Staind to the forefront of the music world. Raised in Massachusetts, where he still resides today, Lewis is indelibly etched […]

Editor Recommends: Jerry Lewis Telethon

I routinely recommend this for Labor Day weekend because, dammit, it works. Huge sums are raised for medical research from this show. Most importantly, I don’t give a hoot how much they pay Jerry Lewis, in whatever form he may appear in this year.