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New Virginia Laws Enacted July 1

This Tuesday, July 1, hundreds of new laws passed during the 2008 General Assembly session became effective. Perhaps first on the list for some, if you like sangria, then you are in luck because that wine and liquor blend can now be legally served in pitchers in Virginia restaurants.

Local Commentary

Our Man in Arlington

Reader Alert! Be forewarned that much of the following is pure plagiarism, taken from the ArlingtonArtsletterOnline. Sorry about that, but the list of things to do in Arlington during the next month underline one of the main themes of this column: that Arlington is a remarkably cohesive yet diverse community. […]

NO SOONER DID SCHOOL let out, than a new entrepreneurial effort showed up on a sidewalk of Falls Church last weekend, the lemonade stand commandeered by Jeffrey Nugara, Abjijit Narain, Arjun Narain and Joshua Mann in the Winter Hill neighborhood. (Photo: News-Press)

Community News and Notes

City Implements Holiday Schedule for July 4 The following City of Falls Church services will be closed on July 4: City Hall, Community Center, Courts, DMV Select Office, Mary Riley Styles Public Library, Schools, Senior Center and Sheriff’s Office. The George Local Transit Service will not run, and there will […]