2024-06-22 8:57 AM

Northern Virginia Art Beat


Emblazoned Images “Katie Dell Kaufmann: Arming the Hero,” at the Lee Arts Center (5722 Lee Highway, Arlington).

Anything But Straight: Jamaica: A Killer Vacation

This week, I joined San Francisco organizer Michael Petrelis and Box Turtle Bulletin editor Jim Burroway in launching an international boycott against Jamaica (www.boycottJamaica.org). While the island appears laid back, gays are under attack.

Dowd on Drinks: Unusual Newcomers In N.Y.

One of my favorite wines from the Hudson Valley in upstate New York is a Seyval Blanc produced by Clinton Vineyards in Dutchess County, just north of New York City.

Anything But Straight: Wild Week In Review

Spitzer Sputters: Republicans, it seems, account for the majority of sleazy sex scandals, but the Democrats do the illicit affair with theatrical flare. Who will ever forget presidential hopeful Gary Hart on the yacht "Monkey Business" with Donna Rice sitting in his lap or Bill Clinton taking it too far with the cigar?

Anything But Straight: Boycott Jamaica

Gay bashing in Jamaica is so prevalent that in 2006 Time magazine wrote an article about the island headlined, "The Most Homophobic Place On Earth?" The New York Times this week showed that the anti-gay climate has only worsened, with the island caught in a downward spiral of outright psychosis. It is time to hand […]

Northern Virginia Art Beat


Matthew Girard’s ‘Mermaids, Freaks and Burlesque Girls; Coney Island Lives Again’ through February 28, 2007 at Black & White custom Photo and Digital Lab, 1916 Wilson Blvd., Suite 201, Arlington, Va. On view during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., or after hours by special arrangement for small groups. […]

Press Pass: Joe Purdy

Four days. That’s all it took for Joe Purdy to write and record his album Julie Blue. That’s how long it took him to record his tales of Indian myths, recuperative bliss and local hospitality at an island cabin amid the waters of the St. Lawrence.