2024-06-18 9:22 AM

Restaurant Spotlight of the Week: Haandi


Named by Washingtonian magazine as one of the best Indian restaurants in the D.C. area, Haandi’s international fare and exceptional service makes this establishment a fine dining experience for couples and families alike.

Restaurant Spotlight: Raaga


There’s a certain connection between the music swirling around in your head and the food you’re putting in your mouth.

Restaurant Spotlight: Caf


A strikingly modern Indian restaurant just off Old Dominion Drive in McLean, Café Taj is a contemporary oasis. A multi-tiered white marble fountain sits just inside the entryway greeting diners with a peaceful babble, some pause, toss a coin and make a wish. White columns flank both sides of the fountain and stand guard to […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Saravana Palace

Saravana Palace is a vegetarian restaurant, which I knew would cause deviation from my familiar Indian dish orders. When I think of Indian food, I conjure pictures of Chicken Tikka Masala, Vindaloo and Korma. After three years in London, I became spoiled by the ability to run out for a curry, at any time of […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Delhi Club


With a generous collection of curries, kabobs and flatbreads, Delhi Club goes straight to the heart of Indian cuisine. It’s an experience that takes patrons beyond just eating: spiced aromas fill the restaurant, Indian music plays in the background and the food is, of course, well-seasoned and delicious.

Restaurant Review: White Tiger Restaurant


301 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, D.C. 20002 (202) 546-5900   The White Tiger Restaurant manages to find the unique balance of catering to Indian authenticity while providing dishes that won’t scare off first-timers.