2024-07-19 1:49 PM

Press Pass: Ingrid Michaelson

Staten Island singer-songwriter and blossoming star Ingrid Michaelson says she's still learning what goes into making a successful relationship. It's an unsurprising statement given the lyrical content of her increasingly popular release Girls and Boys. Tracks like the whimsical “Breakable,” the angsty “Starting Now” and the longing-filled lay “Corner of Your Heart,” among several others, […]

Press Pass: Everyone But Pete

Everyone But Pete

Everyone But Pete frontman Jim Fanale might have best described the Manassas-based band’s new EP, Carry On, simply by relaying one difference from their previous work.

Picking Splinters: A Few Thank Yous

Thanksgiving weekend I noticed a lot of columnists churning out pieces with warm and fuzzy “thank yous” to a number of items in their personal lives, essentially telling their readers how lucky they are. I’m not going to write that column. For starters, I’m sure there are very few, if any, readers of this column […]

Picking Splinters: More to Partnerships Than Just Profits

StubHub.com, which was recently named the fastest growing private business in the country by Inc. Magazine, has recently gained the media limelight for partnering with several local professional sports franchise. For the most part, the articles, such as one in the July 24 edition of the Washington Post, paint a rosy picture for all parties […]

Nicholas F. Benton: Man Enough for Melissa?

When I told a friend that in a nine-day period this month, I’d been in the front row of a Melissa Etheridge concert at Washington, D.C.’s Constitution Hall and in the second row of a Paula Poundstone comedy performance in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and loved them both, he exclaimed: “At last I’ve finally got you […]