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Obama Stimulus Saves 7,100 State Jobs, Legislators Report

Northern Virginia legislators, in a series of exclusive interviews with the News-Press yesterday, concurred with the remarks of Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, delivered at the conclusion of the Richmond legislative session last week, that President Obama’s massive economic stimulus program has saved 7,100 state jobs in the just-adopted Fiscal Year […]

Local Commentary

Editoral: We Endorse

It is now less than two weeks before the Nov. 6 Virginia general election and there is a strong indication that the direction of the entire legislature will shift toward Democratic Party control. Battling uphill against voter apathy and expected low turnouts, partisans for both parties have plenty of reason […]


Bastille Day Bubbly

Falls Church Restaurant La Cote D’or Café held its annual Bastille Day waiter race last Saturday. The contestants had to navigate a course in the shortest amount of time, while retaining the most champagne. Jorge Del Carpio, right, won the grand prize of a trip to Paris. (Photos: News-Press)