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Letters to the Editor: April 30 – May 6, 2009

Why Are Schools Flourishing on Back of City?


Last year the school system was adamant in telling us all that the positions they were giving up would not mean anyone would lost their jobs – now there are two letters stating positions were lost.

The loss of city employee positions means that people will lost their jobs. The school employees are not on pay for performance so they are assured raises every year with no regard to performance but city employees are being told there will be no raises. Why does the school system flourish on the backs of the city employees?


Jennifer Rogers

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Questions on ‘Stellar’ Record Of Del. Hull


I am writing in response to Mr. Robert T. Mansker’s Letter “Urges Hull Foe to Resign School Post” in last week’s News-Press.

While I do not understand the rationale in calling for Kaye Kory to resign while she runs for the House Delegates, I understand even less characterizing Del. Hull’s record as ‘splendid.’

This year, Mr. Hull was the chief patron of HB 1788, a bill that limits local governments’ ability to regulate alternative septic systems. Because sewage leaks into the ground water when these systems fail, this bill was opposed by the League of Conservation Voters (VALCV), among others.

Last year, Del. Hull introduced HB 1751 on behalf of the Homebuilders Association of Virginia, allowing developers not to pay for infrastructure costs. It was opposed by the Virginia Association of Counties, VALCV, and the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce.

Having witnessed Kaye Kory’s ability to think outside the box, to listen and act in her capacity as a FCPS school board member, I am certain she will be a welcomed change in Richmond.

Aysegul Acar-Dreyer

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