2024-06-16 11:59 PM

After Years in Cellar, Stuart Finds White Light

There is a different atmosphere at the J.E.B. Stuart High School practice field this summer – a new coach has stepped in, the losing mentality that has plagued the Varsity football team for the past few years seems to be gone and the team has gotten bigger, faster and stronger.

Maureen Dowd: Begrudging His Bedazzling

CLEVELAND — A huge Ellen suddenly materialized behind Hillary on a giant screen, interrupting her speech on Monday night at a fundraiser at George Washington University in Washington.

Our Man In Arlington

The immigration “debate” that seems to be growing in this country and throughout Virginia has many disquieting overtones. The most obvious, of course, are the thinly veiled expressions of deep racial and ethnic prejudice. These are strongly and heatedly denied, but I grew up in the Deep South in the forties and fifties and I […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Willow Restaurant


If you have a special occasion in mind or just want a nice night out, venture to an elegant place that takes an American interpretation of French and Italian cuisine. At Willow Restaurant, the role of contrast in both the atmosphere and the dishes make for an exquisite dining experience where one has to expect […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Hyping Jack No. 2

The story broke the morning after Labor Day, when the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page piece reporting that Chevron along with two partners had announced the results of a major oil production test in the Gulf of Mexico. The partners Chevron, Statoil, and Devon Energy ran the test on a well known as Jack […]