2024-06-18 5:25 PM

Press Pass: Wild Light


For bands releasing their first LP and trying to break out, there are likely easier approaches than the one taken by New Hampshire-based Wild Light.

Episcopal Bishop of Virginia Hails F.C. ‘Continuing’ Flock

The Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, made a personal appearance with the exiled Falls Church congregation of “continuing Episcopalians” Sunday at their temporary digs in the fellowship hall of the Falls Church Presbyterian Church.

Comedian George Lopez Rallies F.C. ‘Latinos for Obama’


Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Over 100 supporters of democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama gathered at Bailey’s Elementary School in Falls Church for a voter registration rally last weekend, where their host, actor and comedian George Lopez, shed some humorous light on why he’s endorsing the Illinois senator.

Anything But Straight: Extremist Makeover

In 2001, David Bianco was at the pinnacle of his career in GLBT journalism. He was the founder of Q Syndicate, a content provider for gay media, and wrote, “Past Out,” a widely distributed GLBT history column. He was also the author of, “Gay Essentials: Facts for Your Queer Brain.”

Anything But Straight: Don’t Forget About Florida

One thing we Floridians loathe is being upstaged by California – that other bastion of sun and fun. We have worked hard to outdo them. For example, we countered their Disney Land with Disney World – a version of Mickey on steroids.

Anything But Straight: Observations

California: The Huffington Post reports that the California Supreme Court may overturn Proposition 22, a referendum passed in 2000 that prohibits gay people from marrying.

Anything But Straight: An Extraordinary Month

Inside the trenches of culture war combat, it is often difficult to see who is winning the conflict. The recurring recriminations, stale rhetoric and finger pointing proclamations often leave one feeling as if we are in a perpetual stalemate. But in the past couple of weeks, dare I say, strong evidence has emerged that suggests […]