Author: Donald Beyer

National Commentary

Congressman Don Beyer: “Abortion Access Is Key to Economic Freedom”

Saturday marked the 49th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision that granted women the right to safe and legal abortion. While the constitutional right to bodily autonomy has been repeatedly affirmed, a case currently before the Supreme Court has put reproductive rights in jeopardy. A decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which has the power to eliminate women’s access to comprehensive reproductive health, is the most serious threat in decades to women’s reproductive freedom.

National Commentary

Congressman Beyer’s News Commentary: Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Rebuilding infrastructure is a major challenge for our country. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that America’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure will require over $4 trillion in investments over the next seven years. Transportation funding is a particularly salient need for Northern Virginia, given the large number of […]