F.C. Majors All Star Team Advances

By Erika Toman

In a stunning display of talent and determination, FCKLL’s Major’s All Star team (FC White) achieved a remarkable feat by advancing to the crossovers with an impressive 5-1 overall record. This accomplishment marks the first time in 19 years that the team has made it this far, leaving fans and players alike buzzing with excitement.

Throughout the season, several standout performances from key players contributed to FC White’s success. Jack Mullin, one of the team’s exceptional pitchers, consistently delivered outstanding performances on the mound, securing crucial victories for his team. Mullin’s precision and composure played a pivotal role in FC White’s journey to the crossovers.

Another unforgettable moment came courtesy of Nate Landers, who unleashed a grand slam that sent shockwaves through the opposition. Landers’ powerful hit not only boosted his team’s morale but also showcased the remarkable skill and potential harbored by FC White’s roster.

Recording a nail-biting 4-3 victory against Reston Herndon, FC White showcased their prowess at the plate, with Aiden Ortiz, Liam Horgan, and Landon Tucker each delivering hits. Nate Landers and Teddy Greiner were dominant on the mound recording five combined strikeouts.  

The following game proved to be a high-scoring affair as FC White was victorious over Vienna National, with a commanding score of 14-6. Each member of the team contributed to the impressive offensive display, with Nate Landers stealing the show by smashing a grand slam.

As the pool play games progressed, FC White’s momentum only grew stronger. In a standout performance against Alexandria Majors, the team displayed their all-around abilities, claiming a resounding 10-3 victory. Liam Horgan, Asher Sequeira and Drew Fay all shared duties on the mound holding the opposition to only 8 hits. With an impressive 11 hits throughout the game, FC White’s offensive onslaught was led by Mullin, Liam Horgan and Harrison Carmody, each recording multiple hits.

Buoyed by their outstanding pool play performance, FC White advanced to the District 4 crossovers, where they faced off against McLean AL Majors. The team continued their dominant display, emerging with a comprehensive 5-0 victory. Jack Mullin showcased his skills on the mound, expertly stifling the opposition’s offense by striking out nine. The synergy between FC White’s pitchers and fielders was on full display, effectively shutting down the opposition’s offensive efforts.

However, FC White’s remarkable journey came to a bittersweet end in the final game against Vienna American. Despite their best efforts, FC White succumbed to a formidable opponent, ultimately falling short with a score of 10-2. Nevertheless, the team’s extraordinary achievements and unwavering resilience have left an indelible mark on the local little league community.  

As FC White wraps up their unforgettable season, the team and its supporters are left with a sense of immense pride and accomplishment. This extraordinary run to the second round of crossovers after a 19-year drought is a testament to the talent, determination and unwavering spirit of these young athletes. Undoubtedly, this historic achievement will serve as a catalyst for future generations of FCKLL players, inspiring them to reach even greater heights on the baseball field.  While the spring season has officially ended, registration for the fall season opens soon at  

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