Rep. Beyer Hails Victory of Rep.-Elect Jennifer McClellan

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer of Northern Virginia issued the following statement today on Congresswoman-elect Jennifer McClellan’s victory in the special election for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District:

“The election of Jennifer McClellan is a great moment for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The elevation of such an accomplished and impressive legislator to Congress deserves celebrating on its own, but tonight it also means the historic and long-overdue election of the first Black woman to serve in our congressional delegation.

“I am thinking of my friend Don McEachin tonight, who all of us miss dearly. He cannot be replaced, but in Congresswoman-elect McClellan his constituents will have a worthy successor who will fight for them. I look forward to serving with her, and congratulate her, her family, and her team on their victory.”