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News Briefs: February 16th – 22nd

Man Killed on Orange Line Between Dunn Loring & West F.C.

A man, unidentified as of this report, was killed yesterday as the result of being dragged by a Metrorail car eastbound on the Orange Line from Dunn Loring in the direction of the West Falls Church station. He was carrying something that apparently got stuck between the doors closing on a train car which caused him to be dragged along and killed. His dog was found in the rail car at the West F.C. station, according to Metro reports.

Cauldron’s ‘Diagnosed’ Earns D.C. Theatre Arts Review

DC Theatre Arts website published a provocative review of Falls Church’s Creative Cauldron’s latest production, “Diagnosed,”  a new play by Iyona Blake now running through March 5.

The review, under the headline, “A Shop Stocked With Hurt and Healing,” states, “The compelling theme that drives the dialogue of ‘Diagnosed’ is an unvarnished view of the Black feminist experience with mental health, but Blake captures a subtle undercurrent of self-loathing that many Black women carry when grappling with the double co-morbidity stigma of obesity and the withering criticism from overbearing mothers and siblings that Lydia carried all her life and finally buried on her mother’s grave.”

Benton Hails Feinstein As She Declines Re-Election Bid

With the formal announcement this week by U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Ca) this week that, at age 89, she will not seek reelection in 2024, News-Press Owner Nicholas Benton joined the global chorus of those hailing her lifetime of service dating to her first election to public office in 1969. Benton got to know Feinstein by running against her in the general election for mayor San Francisco in 1975. Neither won that race won by the late George Moscone, who subsequently was murdered in office along with supervisor Harvey Milk in 1978.

F.C. School Board Mulls Later Start Times

While still nowhere close to a final decision, the Falls Church School Board engaged in an extensive discussion on the proposition of later start times for middle and high school students Tuesday night, based on the findings of the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Sleep Medicine of the considerable benefits of pushing start times back to 8:30 a.m.

Vice chair Tate Gould urged the policy be considered as something that “every student, every day must live with,” being “strictly about students.” 

Oak Street Bridge Work Begins With Detours

Long overdue work on the Oak Street bridge near the Oak Street Elementary began this week, with resulting rerouting and detouring of traffic that will remain in effect until the end of 2023, the F.C. School Board was informed at its meeting Tuesday.

Walkways to the school, such as the “Tiger Trail,” remain open as the bridge undergoes its first upgrades since 1953.

Beyer Appointed to Joint Economic Committee

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer of Northern Virginia Tuesday thanked House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries for his appointment to serve as Senior House Democrat on Congress’ Joint Economic Committee (JEC). Jeffries announced the move late last week.

Beyer said: “In the past three years the U.S. economy saw unprecedented chaos, experiencing one of the swiftest recessions in history and then, under President Biden’s leadership, the strongest job gains on record. Throughout this economic turmoil the Joint Economic Committee worked to identify and advocate for policies which helped fuel the American recovery, which has been stronger and more sustained than many thought possible.”

He added, “We still have many problems to grapple with, including inflation, global economic challenges stemming from wars and supply chain issues, the climate crisis, and economic inequality. I look forward to tackling these and many other major issues with my colleagues on the Joint Economic Committee during the 118th Congress under the leadership of Chairman-Designate Heinrich, and I thank Leader Jeffries for his trust in me to continue serving in this important position of economic leadership in Congress.”


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