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Editor’s Essay: Legal Experts Now Agree Trump is Heading for the Slammer

One legal expert commented on national TV after the latest 36 page bombshell from the Justice Department came out very late Tuesday that, after this latest development, she “would not understand a world where Trump doesn’t get indicted.”

Indeed this is the consensus among legal experts now, a marked shift from the rather jaundiced postures before that no matter how clearly guilty, Trump would somehow avoid being subjected to the thorny hand of the law.

While Trump is on the hot seat in four different criminal investigations now – for inciting violence in the January 6 riot, for trying to change the outcome of the election in Georgia with on-the-record ham handed coercion, for stealing government documents, many of them highly sensitive, and hiding them at Mar-a-Lago even after handing over some to the FBI, and for years-long tax frauds in New York – this latest escalation from the Justice Department signals that it is now veritably certain that he is heading for the slammer.

Almost all of those closest to him over the years will be quietly snickering when this happens, because there are none who’ve not been betrayed by him in one way or another. It is the nature of the true sociopath, and books about Trump as a classic case will be written for studies in criminal psychology, that they hold no one above a fully 100 percent self-serving approach to life. People like Michael Cohen, his former personal hatchet man, are already laughing lustily out loud.

Some might be tempted to compare Trump in the end to tragic figures like Shakespeare’s King Lear or Pushkin’s Boris Godunov, but it would be wholly inappropriate. No one finds any merit, whatsoever, in figures like Hitler or Stalin, and it is in those ranks that Trump will be found. I’ll leave it to Dante to figure out what level of hell they are assigned to.

What we don’t know yet is how destructive Trump’s toying with the nation’s most closely guarded secrets has been. How many secrets, closely guarded U.S. intelligence operations, has he handed over to our strategic enemies by now? It didn’t start when he walked out of the White House with boxes of classified documents.

I have consistently argued since 2015 that Trump is a full-blown Russian agent. He is not influenced by Moscow, he is Moscow’s man who sadly spent four years in the White House to the unmeasurable destruction of the U.S. interests.

It was only after the fraudulent, bullying effort to win a second term finally failed on January 6, 2021, despite the coup attempt on that date, that Putin had to resort to Plan B and to invade Ukraine to advance his Hitlerian agenda for Europe. Had the effort to reinstate Trump for another term succeeded, Putin would have been able to walk into Ukraine like taking a walk in the park, and follow it up with similar moves against the Baltic states and Finland, to begin with.

It was the highly-motivated American electorate that crushed Trump’s bid for re-election by over seven million votes in 2020 that botched Putin’s plans and forced his unwise invasion of Ukraine that is now beginning to fail.

Trump has had a mesmerizing influence on a large segment of the American population, hitting all the hot buttons to heighten paranoia, hate and division. If any one segment of our population has had the biggest influence in advancing this, it has been the so-called Christian evangelicals, frauds like Franklin Graham (his father would be so ashamed). Also, Fox News creeps like Tucker Carlson and deeply compromised politicians like Lindsey Graham have had major roles, none more than fellow spineless Republicans, especially those who’ve been in politics long enough to know better.

By contrast, kudos for heroism go to Lyn Cheney, Adam Kinsinger, Merrick Garland (doesn’t Mitch McConnell wish now he’d let him get on the Supreme Court?) and others, but mostly to the 81 million Americans who knew what buttons to push on election day 2020, and who will know again this coming November.