2024-05-23 5:34 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

The Strong Arm of Justice & Truth Descends on Mar-a-Lago

The angry ferocity of the GOP’s reaction to the FBI’s raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, plunging in to condemn it without the slightest knowledge of what the Justice Department’s justification for the search involves, is the latest evidence of the pervasive guilt that is now eating away at the psyches of all those who are screaming the loudest.

It is a furious effort to deflect and divert attention away from the (as yet unknown) content of the search toward the screeching and howling of a wide array of Republicans who have become apoplectic in terror at the consequences of this latest move.

Before anyone who may be inclined to be sympathetic with the Trump cause in this case jumps to any conclusions, they would best hold their fire until more comes out about the evidence of criminal behavior that had to pass muster with a federal judge to justify the search.

The freaked out Republicans are the last people to accept as having any claim on authority in this matter. They’re terrified and talking themselves into acting as if their howls of injustice are legitimate. They’re not, if only for the most obvious of reasons, which is that they have no clue what the search was searching for.

They can only speculate themselves, and they’re hardly in the mood for doing that because a quick review of the kinds of evidence that FBI agents could find to indicate criminal activity is so wide-ranging in Trump’s case that it would be hopeless to even contemplate. Crimes by Trump? Where do we even begin?
But it can be hypothesized that certainly no trivial infractions are involved, because launching such a raid against a former U.S. president is so unprecedented.

It has never been done before, yet one can speculate that if the Civil War had not broken out when it did, such a search of the belongings of (then) former president John Tyler might have been warranted. That’s because Tyler actually took a formal position in the treasonous Confederacy once the war was engaged.

If we can assume, as I think is justified, that the FBI raid of Trump was due to matters of extreme consequence to the national interest of the U.S., then what they were after most likely had to do with classified materials of the most sensitive nature that could compromise, if in the wrong hands, the most serious of national security matters.

It is worth speculating, I believe, that these have to do with such vital U.S. interests that Attorney General Garland felt compelled to act in the quick and decisive way he did. In light of the highly sensitive nature of the documents being sought, we may never know their exact contents for that very reason.
We do know that a federal judge who signed off on the search was convinced there was something of extreme consequence involved, or otherwise he would not have OK’d it.

All this goes to expose once again not only the treasonous behavior of Trump but the equally culpable, shameful behavior of the GOP leadership overall. Some of them may fear that evidence of their own deeply compromised personal behavior that accounts for some of their otherwise inexplicable political posturing could be involved.

OMG, Senator Graham might be thinking, what if there are certain photos that have now fallen into the wrong hands? Something akin to this might explain his and numerous of his GOP colleagues’ frantic reaction to the search.

Their only option in this case might be to fly into the arms of total denial, that cozy if empty place where reality, itself, can be denied. The security of a cult of truth-denying frenzy may be seen by some of them as their only resort now.

Deny, deny, deny. But they can’t be sure of what, exactly. Nonetheless, the hard reality must be that very serious matters of vital interest to the national security of the U.S. are involved here. It is far, far from frivolous, which is why the GOP leaders’ rush to denounce the FBI action is so treacherous.

But let them squeal, and let the hard arm of justice and truth strike nonetheless.


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