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Officials Confirm It Was a False Alarm at Meridian H.S./MEH This Morning

Thursday, May 5 — An official statement from the Falls Church City Public Schools just  released confirms that it was a false alarm that was signaled this morning at the campuses of Meridian High School and Henderson Middle School. The following is the text of the schools’ statement:
“At 11:23 this morning, a lockdown alarm was tripped at the Falls Church City Public City Schools’ Secondary Campus after an employee’s badge was used to operate the elevator.
“The employee, who was not at work today, is among those assigned emergency badges in addition to their regular badge. Another employee borrowed the incorrect badge to call the elevator, and the building was automatically locked down.
“The Falls Church City Police responded appropriately and swept both Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School and Meridian High School to confirm there was no emergency. 
“Students and staff remained in their classrooms until the police finished their sweep. Police have given the all-clear.  The alarms have been reset, and the lockdown has lifted.”