Letter to the Editor: Adopt, Don’t Shop for Pets


I’m a student and devoted dog rescuer. I have been fostering and rescuing dogs for five years now. I have fostered around 30 dogs and worked to rescue many more than that. Dogs like the ones I have rescued come from all over. I have rescued some dogs from North and South Carolina and my organization has worked with some Puerto Rican street dogs. I want people to understand that there are many dogs out there that want homes but don’t get them because people are getting their dogs from breeders. People should always get dogs from rescues because they are the dogs that need your love, support and they will love you just as much, maybe even more than a dog you get from a breeder.

To begin I would like to explain that getting a dog from a breeder is the worst choice you can make when looking for a furry friend. Breeders are in it for the money and nothing else. They treat the dogs terribly for example with some breeders the dogs are living outside in the dirt or in barns. They are fed unhealthy foods and they aren’t given shots or preventatives such as flea and tick medicine. Breeders don’t give you the full truth, they will tell you that the dog you are getting is a purebred dog when the dog is actually a mix of many breeds. I have experience with that because I removed a few puppies from a breeder because they were being treated badly. They told us the puppies were Doodles. I fostered two of them. They were supposed to be purebred doodles, one boy and one girl. It turns out they were both girls and NOT purebred. Those are a few reasons you should avoid breeders when looking for a dog.

You should always adopt through rescue organizations. They are great, they feed the dogs well, vet them, give them their preventatives and make sure they find good homes. They train the dogs if needed and never hurt them. They socialize them, make sure they get exercise and they rescue them from bad situations. I can relate, my organization once rescued some puppies and three beagles from a house. What they had experienced is beyond pain; it is pure misery and suffering. They were chained to poles outside for six years with barely any food and no protection from sun, rain, or any weather/precipitation. They came to me and they ran for probably a few hours outside but for the next week they couldn’t move. Today they have amazing loving homes and they are loved and happy. That is why you should rescue dogs.

As of today there are still so many dogs out there that need you to save them so when you are looking for a dog please go find a rescue organization because when you do you will be saving a life. Here are some rescue organizations to check out when you are looking for a dog: Bushman’s Legacy, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation.

Delaney Quinn
Falls Church