Where to Start With Your Upgrade or Complete Kitchen Renovation

Looking to upgrade or update your kitchen and unsure where to start? From smaller projects like changing light fixtures to a full on complete renovation, here are some recommendations on where to start. 

One easy place to start in refreshing your kitchen is to apply a new coat of paint. This is a great way to give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank. Add a simple pop of color on an accent wall or go all out to make the room a little brighter. Repainting cabinets can also be a great option to add some personality to your room. 

Another quick way to update your space is to change up the hardware. Simply adding new pulls, handles or knobs to cabinets and drawers is an effective way to add a new look and feel to your kitchen without having to spend too much time or money. 

Need more space but don’t want to invest in new cabinets? Floating shelves can help create a space that looks more open and inviting and will provide more storage space for pieces you want to have on display. This could be a great way to display nice china or sentimental pieces in your home. 

If new cabinets are on your mind, there are a few factors to consider. While white cabinets are typical of kitchens, they can be difficult to clean and do not have as much personality as other options. Blonde wood is a great choice if you still want something light and neutral. Blonde wood is a light, warm color that would be great for a more cottagecore or modern farmhouse feeling. 

A gray is also a good choice. It is neutral enough to fit with many different styles but creates more visual interest than white. For something more light and airy, opt for a lighter color that is closer to white. For a more dramatic look, a darker charcoal color could be used to create a more elegant space. 

If neither of those options appeal to you, why not mix it up and try something totally new? Two-tone cabinets create lots of visual interest in the room and create something unexpected. Try a lighter color on the upper cabinets and a darker color below to create an illusion of higher ceilings. Grays could be a great option for this! 

Even if you aren’t changing anything up, regular maintenance of your cabinets is important as well! Make sure to stay away from harsh products such as scouring pads or steel wool as they can easily damage your cabinets. Instead, opt for something soft like a microfiber cleaning towel to achieve the best result. You also don’t need to invest in any fancy products. Some simple dish soap and water with a bit of elbow grease is sure to leave them sparkling and clean. 

Lighting can help bring a room together. Kitchens should feature two different types of lighting— ambient and task. Ambient lighting is the main source of light in a room. It is meant to be powerful enough to light an entire room. Recessed lighting is typical for ambient lighting in a kitchen as they have a more timeless look and can go with many different styles. Alternatively, some people will opt for track lights as they can be repositioned more easily to illuminate a specific area. 

The second type of lighting is task, a type of lighting used to illuminate specific areas, such as where you are cooking or eating. Pendant lights are often used for this purpose along with recessed lighting in order to keep the area from looking too cluttered. As for prep space, under-cabinet lighting is another great option as it will light the countertops without creating shadows. These are also relatively easy to install and will greatly improve the look of the room and make prepping easier!

Another great place to start a kitchen update is the appliances. If you’ve ever found yourself sitting around waiting for one dish to be done so you can cook the next, a double oven might be a great investment. For the entertainer of the family, this will allow for multiple dishes to be baked with ease for your next big event.

If you need a new range, there are lots of things to consider. For one, are you completely renovating or using the space you already have? If you’re just looking to replace what you currently have, space will be the biggest concern. Without a complete renovation, you’ll have to find something the same size as your current range.

However, if you’re doing a complete renovation, the possibilities are endless. Hidden range hoods are a huge trend in kitchens right now. They can be integrated into cabinets or hidden with tile or stone. This helps to give all of the benefits of a range without the bulky appearance. 

A pot filler is also something good to invest in if you’re the chef of the family. A pot filler faucet is a swing out faucet on a jointed arm and mounted over the stove. This allows for pots to be easily filled without having to carry a heavy pot back and forth. 

Trying to decide on a new sink? A farmhouse sink is a great option! Not only are they stylish, but modern farmhouse sinks are also wider and deeper than a standard kitchen sink. These sinks will make both cooking and cleaning much easier than before.

Another great feature to add, particularly in these pandemic times, are touchless items. Touchless light switches, soap dispensers, garbage bins and more are all great additions to create a more germ-free home. Motion-activated innovations are becoming more prominent and many can be found at your local hardware or appliance store.