Watch Night New Year’s Eve Celebration Cancelled

Tuesday, December 21, 2021 — The following statement is from the volunteer organizers of the Watch Night event:

Watch Night, the New Year’s Eve event, is being canceled this year by its organizers the CATCH Foundation.  Local COVID-19 case counts are increasing significantly just before family holiday gatherings – which presents an unpredictable scenario in the ability to have an event in 10 days that is safe for all.  

While there was a ground swell of support earlier to celebrate Watch Night this year, the situation has now changed for us, our partners, and ultimately the potential visitors that may or may not attend such an event, even if outdoors.  Modified plans for the event were underway, but there have been significant increases in the in the number of local COVID-19 cases in Arlington and Fairfax Counties in the last 10 days. That in turn is having multiple secondary impacts on our vendors, performing bands, and our sponsors. The universe is telling us to wait for a better year.  

We appreciate our partners and the City staff that have been planning with us. 
Watch Night is organized by the Little City CATCH Foundation, a non-profit organization, financially supported by local businesses and non-profits – and supported by the City of Falls Church. See you next year, and stay safe.