2024-05-23 12:46 PM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Letter to the Editor: In Response to Kaye Kory’s Column Last Week


Del. Korys’ Richmond Report did an excellent job of summarizing Virginia Democrats’ views toward parents in the commonwealth. To anyone not following the education issue closely, it may come as a surprise that parents are being condemned for being concerned about 1) Lasting effects of the pandemic school closures, 2) Children being taught racial bigotry in the classroom (under the guise of Critical Race Theory —CRT), and 3) An incident that happened in the Loudoun schools unfit to reprint in a family newspaper that both the school and press have worked tirelessly to cover up.

Her diminishing parents’ concerns in scare quote “outrage”, and oversimplifying concerns over Critical Race Theory’s teaching as “dog whistle politics” perfectly mirrors those that we saw from Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign, and the results of the 2021 elections speak for themselves.

Personally, I find Korys’ honesty refreshing, and encourage her to look for bigger and better platforms to amplify this sentiment. And for supporters of CRT, do you really want to entrust government schools to teach the bigotry that you can pass along so much more effectively at home? In the words of the urban poet Joseph Belladonna, “Keep it in the family”.

Jeff Walyus
Falls Church





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