Letter to the Editor: “I’m Losing Faith in 2 Party System”


Centrist, middle, Rino, Dino, Conservative Democrat, Liberal Republican, and the list goes on for the million ways to describe so many people that feel lost in a two party system. The people that feel orphaned by all of the hateful rhetoric that goes on between the extremes in each party. I hear it all of the time on the campaign trail. I understand it, because I find myself in the same situation.

I care about social issues. I also care about our businesses and how much we pay in taxes. It is possible to be more than one thing. My confusion comes in when the mainstream parties tell us we have to choose. It isn’t ok to use your head and your heart when making decisions.

Both parties need to be big enough to have people with many different beliefs, backgrounds, and ideas. We need to be open to hearing people even if they do not think just like we do. That is often how the best solutions to problems are found. This openness could also lead to more cross party negotiation and conversation. We need to care more about our communities than our party lines.

Both parties need to renounce the ugly style of campaigning where you trash another person. We need to stop idolizing leaders who belittle and insult others. We should be proud of our leaders. Not just their accomplishments, but the way they treat others. There are great leaders out there who can unite our country and we need them to step up for us.

Sarah White

GOP Delegate Candidate