Letter to the Editor: Founders Row 2

Founders Row 2; It’s Affordable Component


I was delighted to read in the September 30 issue that the Mill Creek project developers committed to 12 percent of the residential units to be permanently affordable at Founders Row 2. Then I saw the gotcha: Mill Creek is offering “cash in lieu of” said units if the City Council wants to accumulate resources for a “bigger, standalone affordable housing project”.

Call me cynical, but I’ve been living in the City for 20 years, and seen “bigger standalone” affordable housing initiatives die over and over again, even ones for seniors.

Homeowners simply do not want such development, either due to concern about adding to the school rolls, or maybe because it might result in more BIPOC residents moving in (Whites have greater overall wealth and income). Even if there was support for a standalone development, where at this point would it go? The commercial land is nearing overbuilt, in my opinion.

Let’s hope that the Council isn’t tempted to take this “proffer”. That was tried in Bethesda a decade or so ago, and guess what, those promised added affordable residential units never materialized.

Chris Raymond
Falls Church

In Response to EDA Relief Fund Request


I was appalled to read that the EDA would seek any of the Covid (ARPA) relief funds for the private benefit of small business, let alone $2.5M. No other group of constituents is asking for such direct payments.
First, it probably isn’t permissible.

Second, it shouldn’t be needed since there were plenty of other relief programs available to businesses and the people that run them.

Third, it isn’t a wise investment as many of those business may be ephemeral.
Fourth, it is unethical to subsidize low-wage businesses that are having trouble attacking workers with sub-par wages and working conditions.

There are plenty of other infrastructure and public works projects that could be funded instead, which would bestow benefits on the whole of the community — including private businesses.

Robert Lajeunesse
Falls Church