2024-05-28 7:22 PM

It is with great sadness that the family of Jeremy Boncy, age 43, announces his passing on Thursday, June 8, 2021.
Jeremy was born in Lafayette, Indiana, on November 28, 1977. As a member of a Foreign Service family, he spent part of his childhood in West Africa. Jeremy graduated from George Mason High School and Adelphi College and spent his adult years in Falls Church and Portland, Oregon.

He was a beloved friend to many in the Falls Church community. Known for his charismatic personality and keen intellectual curiosity, he made friends everywhere he went.

He had a unique gift of bringing a conversation to life with his witty riffs on pop culture, politics and the news of the day, often leaving people quite literally buckled over with laughter or deeply captivated by his reciting of a tale from world history.

Jeremy was also an innovator of our language, having coined countless expressions (many of which his friends have adopted into their own lexicons).

He had a repertoire of accents and impersonations he could call upon to transform the most mundane of topics into a riot of colorful characters and spirited storytelling.

On another level though, conversations with Jeremy were an opportunity to explore beyond the bounds of “the normal” way of looking at life.

His critical mind never stopped seeking new ways of understanding the world around him, challenging conventions along the way, and acquiring unique perspectives afforded only to those who constantly question. This inevitably stimulated hearty and substantive debates, of which much was learned on all sides.

One area in which there is no debate was his love for music. Whether it was the Stones, Bob Marley, or OutKast, once the notes started wafting through the air, it was only a matter of time until Jeremy would get on his feet and commence his trademark swaying side-to-side shuffle, bobbing his head with his signature newsboy cap imparting a touch of class to the proceedings.

His love of nature and affection for animals instilled in him a profound concern for protecting the environment, which was personal and political for him. And perhaps if he were to share a parting plea with us, it’s that we might honor him by doing the best we can to look after our earth, and to take seriously the threats confronting it.

Jeremy will be missed immensely and will live on through his many unforgettable stories that will be shared by friends and family for years to come.

Jeremy was and is deeply loved by his family and is survived by his parents Virginia and Robert Boncy, his sister Courtenay Monfore, his brother-in-law John Monfore and his nieces Emma Monfore and Avery Monfore.





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