Letters to the Editor: Don’t Sell to Developers Who Denude F.C.’s Beloved Trees

Letters to the Editor: July 1 – 7, 2021

Don’t Sell to Developers Who Denude F.C.’s Beloved Trees


It would appear that there are still a number of people who enjoy moving into neighborhoods with large healthy trees and proceeding to cut them all down.

An odd occurrence given that there are a number of places nearby that have nothing taller than a dogwood that would save them the trouble and cost.

One such example can be found at the corner of East Columbia and Van Buren Street where the developer Cottage Street Custom Homes decided to clear cut the entire lot including many old growth large healthy trees along the property line.

Evidently a few extra square feet on their listings more than made up for the absolute decimation of the tree canopy.
If you are a resident who enjoys large trees then I humbly suggest you don’t enrich these builders or any realtor who decides to dip there hands into this now tainted property.

On the plus side, the small child who use to play under the shade of these trees next door no longer has to look up videos of clear cutting in the Amazonian rainforests…she only has to look out her bedroom window in our Little City.

Thank you to all the impotent city managers and planners who made this learning opportunity possible.

Zachary Albaugh

Falls Church

F.C.’s New Noise Ordinance Is Right Call From City Council


As a former employee with the City of Falls Church, I am glad that the Management and Council are taking the initiative to address this issue. The City had a noise meter many years ago, however at that time very hard to enforce. Congratulations!!

Brooke Anderson

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Benton’s Series On Trump Insurrection Is Truly Enlightening


Mr. Benton — great job in providing historical background and political perspective to the foreign and right-wing movements and skull-duggery that, over decades, led up to the Trump insurrection of Jan. 6.

While I do not know all of the information you have presented first hand, I was in NYC in the 1970s so kudos to you for calling out the toadie Lyndon LaRouche.

Henry M. Jasny

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