Letters to the Editor: Mark Levine Is Clear Choice As VA Democrats’ Lt. Governor Pick

Letters to the Editor: May 27 – June 2, 2021

Mark Levine Is Clear Choice As VA Democrats’ Lt. Governor Pick


Virginia’s lieutenant governors can be much more than secondary governors and presidents of the senate. A lieutenant governor can be a messenger and connection to the voters.

That’s one reason I agree with the News-Press endorsement of Mark Levine as Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, am happy to endorse him, and cast my vote for him early for the June 8 primary.

Mark wants to expand the role and be present throughout the Commonwealth all year. He’s proven he connects various constituencies with legislators and advocates and wins policies they need.

Mark offers solid experience as a delegate, attorney, and progressive politics radio show host, with a plethora of accomplishments affecting the entire state, is tuned into the needs of diverse individuals for whom be has successfully advocated, and is a hero as a former Nazi hunter. Note that anyone who could succeed as a Nazi hunter knows how to blend ideals with practicality and undying drive with complications.

The Democratic Party Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 8 from 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. — vote then or early, and vote for Mark.

Debra Z. Roth

Falls Church

Keeping ‘Open F.C. Schools’ Sign Up Is Picking A Scab


In reponse to Julie Lockwood’s letter last week, first, let me say that I didn’t take your sign. However, I do have some follow-up questions:

• Why do you feel you must continue to display the sign now that the Falls Church City Schools are open?

• Why, in your letter, do you include a list of reasons why the schools should have been open, despite an unprecedented pandemic, even as the schools are now open?

It appears to me that you are rehashing a deep and painful rift in this city, one which I am happy to finally be moving past. Our kids are in school because of the hard work of our school leaders, administrators, and teachers, who deserve our respect and gratitude. Our kids are not in school because of signs in yards. Also, it’s worth noting that neighboring school districts have not been able to open to the same extent as FCCPS.

I suspect that to continue to display your “Open Our Schools” sign serves as a continuing gut punch to school leaders, administrators, and teachers. The signs and their message do not point to a way forward. I’d like to see us, as a community, move on following the global pandemic and together pick up the pieces of our economy; our work lives; and, most importantly, our family lives. Our children deserve that.

Jennifer Proctor

Falls Church

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