F.C. Council Recognizes New Student Representatives

The Falls Church City Council Monday officially recognized the slate of local high school students recruited and vetted by the Citizens for a Better City as its seventh year crop that have volunteered to serve on City boards, commissions and civic organizations.

The new students recognized include Grayson Kusic and Mike Galvin (Architectural Advisory Board), Katherine Litton and Olivia Games (Human Services Advisory Council), Terah Nguyen and Tobias Senderowitsch (Environmental Sustainability Council), Megan Carpenter (Electoral Board), Miles Pierre and Alex Lacroix (Economic Development Authority), Katherine Hart (Historical Commission).

To serve on civic organizations are Kiana Collins and Helen Jordan (Tinner Hill Social Justice Committee), Luke Gradle and Joseph Ziayee (F.C. Chamber of Commerce) and Nicholas Teply (Friends of Cherry Hill Farm).

The students were due to be sworn in at a virtual event yesterday.