F.C. Council in Solidarity With Asian Community

On March 19, the Falls Church City Council issued a statement of solidarity with members of the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the wake of the mass murder of eight in the Atlanta area. The statement in full reads:

“We join the City of Falls Church community and people everywhere in mourning the victims of the horrific shootings in Atlanta that occurred this week. This attack comes amid a disturbing nationwide rise in violence directed against members of the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander community, exacerbated by misinformation and xenophobia around Covid-19. We condemn these recent acts of violence, but also the discrimination and stereotyping that has for too long harmed Asian American lives and impoverished our society.

“The City is proud to host one of the largest and most vibrant Asian commercial centers in the country. The many and diverse members of Asian American community who live or work here are a vital source of creativity and strength for our City and our region. Our very future depends on ensuring that people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, and race are able flourish fully here and across America. In the coming weeks, the City will be launching enhanced efforts to engage and support our AAPI community and businesses.

“The City of Falls Church is committed to promoting a more inclusive and equitable society in all our work in the community, from our police department, public schools, public library, and in all City programs and services. Hate, violence, and bias have no home here. Each of us has a personal responsibility to prevent misinformation, condemn violence, and unite to stand up for all fellow community members. We mourn for the victims in Atlanta, we pledge our renewed and ongoing commitment to work for a better future, and we stand in solidarity with all who contribute to the beautiful and vibrant diversity of our City, our region, and our country.”