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Impeachment & the Dustbin-Bound GOP

Notwithstanding any of his more traditionally criminal acts, we must go into next week’s impeachment trial of Donald Trump with a reminder to all, and especially the Republicans who drank the Kool Aid and so still think it’s cool to defend the most despicable crook ever in the White House, that over the course of this man’s one four year term as president he succeeded in giving over the all three branches of the U.S. government to his adversaries.

Quite the formidable hero of his party, this man — not!

Within a year of his being in office, the entire government of the Commonwealth of Virginia flipped to the Democrats, but that was only for starters. First the House, then the presidency by seven and a half million votes and lastly, the Senate (with the two upset special election victories in Georgia topping it off in January) all went Democratic under his watch. That’s really something worth holding onto for the Republicans.

And, trust me, this albatross is not about to let go of the damnation-destined sinking GOP sailors who with glazed unblinking eyes and stiffened torsos slip below the surface like the briny cadavers that many have already become.

The value of the impeachment proceedings that will commence next week will lie in the ability of the full force of the case against him to be brought out for the entire U.S. population to see. It will have little concern for an actual ability to convict, since it is assured the spineless Republicans in the Senate will prevent that. But it should be presented as one of the most shocking and convincing cases ever to make prime time that the U.S. public may ever get to see. It’s the sensibilities of 330 million American lives that are the proper jury for this proceeding, and Trump’s accusers must make the most of the opportunity.

Should they succeed, and all the evidence is there in plain sight for them, then not only Trump, but every one of sycophant allies who were in positions to know, must also be run out of town by this. There should be no pulling of punches.

All the blows should be aimed at the back of the head, as all my coaches taught.

Apparently Mitch McConnell is about the only one in his party who can see what is coming and it’s because among Trump loyalists he’s about the only one with a functioning brain. The lemmings have already locked themselves into high gear and are blindly galloping at top speed, oh so fervently, forward.

(Apologies for the mixed metaphors, from drowning sailors to galloping lemmings, but my mind is veritably ablaze with images of what is now occurring. Perhaps this is its way of releasing itself from the vice grip of insanity it was forced to experience the last four years under Trump, the every single day’s God-awful tweets and inanities we all experienced. It also helps to enjoy a single late night cocktail drunk from a new Biden-Harris emblazoned glass!)

In regards to that, the toast must go to not only our new White House team, but to the truly extraordinary effort of the American people to do the nearly impossible, to root out a lying genocidal tyrant after only one term in office.

It cannot be overstated how difficult it was to do this.

The power of the incumbency is a remarkable thing, and it was evident from Day One how Trump intended to play it to the hilt, not only against his political opponents but against truth, itself.

His was the first fully “postmodern” presidency, incorporating its radical “post-truth” elements, to repudiate all the norms of human reason and sensibility and assert that power and pleasure are the only true measures of social behavior, such that love and all the rest are mere fictions designed to delude the masses.

A tyrant with such anti-human proclivities should be mighty hard to unseat. But, ladies and gentlemen, fellow true patriots, we did it. It was the core human values that so many refused to abandon, both in positions of power and in long voter lines, that did it.

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