F.C. School Board Learns Most Don’t Want School Name Changes

The survey conducted among parents, students and community members over a two-week period in late October on whether or not the names of George Mason High and Thomas Jefferson Elementary should be changed was presented to a work session of the F.C. School Board tonight, and the results were lopsided in favor of not changing the names.

The K-12 Insights group that ran the survey reported that only 26 percent favored a change in the name of Mason High, compared to 56 percent against,  and 23 percent favored a change in the name of Jefferson Elementary compared to 56 percent against.     

Respondents included 1,005 students from the two schools in question, 943 members of the community, 1,332 parents and 208 members of the school staff.     

The School Board is slated to hold another hearing and then vote on the proposal at its first meeting in December.