F.C. Vice Mayor Endorses Hiscott in Special Election

Falls Church Vice Mayor Marybeth Connelly announced yesterday morning her formal endorsement of Debbie Hiscott for election to the vacant position on the Falls Church City Council on the ballot in the Nov. 3 election.

Hiscott, executive director of the Falls Church Education Foundation (FCEF), is one of three candidates on the ballot for the slot, the others being Joshua Shokoor and Simone Pass-Tucker.

Connelly said that she decided to endorse early because a lot of people are voting early (in-person and mail-in options began last Friday).

Of Hiscott, she wrote, “All three candidates have great ideas. She is the only candidate who has shown that she knows how to make ideas reality.”

Hiscott was interviewed for an hour by the Citizens for a Better City (CBC) online Sunday, an event witnessed by about two dozen citizens.

She reiterated her priorities, including for affordable housing, and when asked, issued a statement for anyone concerned that her work for the FCEF might constitute a conflict of interest.

“The Falls Church Education Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization. I am paid by the Foundation and am managed by an independent volunteer board of directors. I receive no pay or benefits from the City of Falls Church or Falls Church City Public Schools,” she stated.

The CBC is hosting an online interview at 5 p.m. this coming Sunday with Shokoor and one the following Sunday, Oct. 4, with Pass-Tucker also at 5 p.m. An online forum with the three candidates hosted by the Village Preservation and Improvement Society and League of Women Voters was scheduled for last night that occurred too late to be reported in this print edition. But it will be reported on the News-Press website and in next week’s print edition.