Letters to the Editor: Point of View Owner — A Final Farewell To The People of F.C.

Letters to the Editor: September 24 – 30, 2020

Point of View Owner — A Final Farewell To The People of F.C.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of the patrons of Point of View for the last 20+ years. I will be leaving Point of View this Friday the 25th.

I will genuinely miss each and every patron that I have worked with. I have sold the practice to Visual Health Doctors of Optometry. They have been very accommodating in every respect. I feel I have left the operation in very capable hands.

I had very little choice at the end of July, since the previous doctor had not been doing exams since March, I either had to close the operation or sell to another outfit. I chose to sell, to continue the legacy of Point of View.

Thanks to everyone for their support over the years it has been a pleasure working with you all.

Bill Mueller

Falls Church

News-Press Should Lead Charge On Pedestrian Safety


With the never ending construction going on in the Little City, we need the Falls Church News-Press to put some pressure on City Council and Falls Church Police to proactively increase pedestrian safety in the city. I’ve found City Council to be lax in responding to citizen emails.

The latest hazard is at the corner of Great Falls and Washington Streets where pedestrians are forced to jaywalk across four lanes due to closed sidewalks due to the construction projects taking place at Columbia Baptist Church.

This, in addition to closed sidewalks at the Mary Riley Styles Public Library, closed sidewalks at the Broad Street site, and the Washington & Old Dominion trail detours that force bicycles on the sidewalks on Fairfax Drive and are making our pedestrians take their lives into their hands at every turn!

The city council needs to focus less on “wayfinding” sinage and more on public safety sinage, crosswalks, and lights.

Julie Bertoia

Falls Church

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