Northam Hails No.Virginia Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam at a press conference in Richmond Tuesday afternoon said that if steps need to be taken to roll back some of the openings in the commonwealth, it will be done on a regional basis, as opposed to a statewide one.

Recent flareups of infections in the Hampton Roads area have caused overall numbers to rise in the state, but Northam noted that, by contrast, “Northern Virginia’s numbers look very good,” suggesting that any rollbacks, if they are ordered, will not apply to this region. 

“Changes will be done regionally,” he said, and in urging the public to wear facial coverings in public places, including indoors in restaurants, he said that just as restaurants may require shoes and shirts be worn, they can also require facial coverings.

“If you don’t comply with the requirement, you are trespassing,” he said.