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Homestretch Requests Donation Items for Clients

Homestretch, a nonprofit organization that helps families achieve self-sufficiency and permanent housing, put out a wish list of items that it is asking for in the form of community donations to support its clients during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Homestretch needs the following items for its families: Toilet tissue; laundry detergent; hand sanitizer; deodorant for women; shampoo for women; body soap; kitchen and bathroom trash cans; new vacuum cleaners as well as gift cards to Aldi, Giant, Safeway and Target.

Items can be dropped off at the Homestretch offices (303 S Maple Ave, Falls Church). Contact to arrange for a drop-off.

Also, interested donors are encouraged to check out Homestretch’s Amazon Wish List to purchase items it needs for our families and Kidstretch. Also, if anyone is thinking about buying a new car, Homestretch is asking them to consider donating their old car to the nonprofit.

Donating a car to Homestretch will help provide a Homestretch adult the ability to get to work and put them on the path to self-sufficiency. If a donated car is given to one of the nonprofit’s families, the donor may be able to write off the entire blue book value of the car.

If Homestretch auctions a car due to high mileage or poor condition the donor may be able to write off the auction value of the car. (Be sure to check with your tax advisor).