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Marshall Academy Glams Up Davis Center Students

Students in Marshall Academy’s Cosmetology program hosted Davis Center students for a day of glam for their Valentine’s Day dance.

Cosmetology students provided an array of services including hair styling, manicures, hand exfoliation treatments and make-up for the Davis Center students. It was an opportunity for the budding cosmetologists to gain practical experience while preparing the Davis Center students for their special day. The Davis Center plans to work with the Cosmetology students again in April before their annual formal.

The Davis Career Center is one of two centers in Fairfax County Public Schools designed to serve students with disabilities ages 18-22 who require instruction through a modified curriculum focused on life and career skills.

The cosmetology program teaches about the history of and opportunities in the cosmetology industry along with hair, nail, and skin care; how to present a professional image; cosmetology sciences; life skills; and the business aspects of managing or owning a salon. Students engage with industry professionals through career speaker series, demonstrate the latest hair styling and make-up trends, and showcase new products.