Huge Turnout in F.C. for Dem Primary, Biden Margin Whopping

In the “Super Tuesday” Democratic primaries yesterday, with former Vice President Joe Biden winning in Virginia statewide by a 53.3 percent margin to 23.7 percent for his primary contender Sen. Bernie Sanders, voters in the City of Falls Church responded with a near record turnout for a primary, according to City Voter Registrar David Bjerke. With votes tabulated Tuesday night, Biden won 2,354 votes to 906 for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 881 for Sanders and 527 for Mike Bloomberg. 

The 4,891 total ballots cast was 48 percent of all active voters in the City.   

An interesting factor was the fact that in absentee ballots cast in advance, all six frontrunner candidates were closely bunched (141 for Warren, 115 for Biden, 99 for Bloomberg, 98 for Sanders, 92 for Amy Klobuchar and 90 for Pete Buttigieg) compared to the wide margin for Biden Tuesday night (Klobuchar and Buttigieg both having dropped out last weekend to throw their support to Biden).