Falls Church’s James White Dies at 79


James Thomas “ Jim “ White passed away peacefully at age 79 on June 30, 2019 at his home in Falls Church after battling cancer.

He was a Falls Church resident for a majority of his life and was a well known community member. Jim visited all the local eats from Anthony’s to Mike’s Deli to the Burger King and was good friends with owners and staff. The McDonald’s breakfast was one of his favorites. He loved talking to people and often made relationships with employees of these places that went far beyond the restaurants itself. He loved meeting new people and shown a light on each person he talked to; no matter the day or the weather Jim never lost his smile. His positive outlook on life spread to others and it was easy to tell that he was a truly caring person.

He had successful commercial business, WW Plumbing, for forty years. You know the toilets at Tysons? Him. As well as a good amount of DMV area a lot of you have probably experienced his work without ever knowing. He served our country three years in the Marines.

He also managed real estate with his late wife Mary Chaconas White, intending to have five properties in the end although he ended up with more.Their children Missy, Joy, Mary, Janie and Jimmy Joe were to inherit these properties. One place in particular that he held close to his heart was the “bay house” which is located on the Chesapeake Bay. He fished there and watched his grandchildren grow up over summers. He watched Jerry, Jeff, Samantha, Izabella, Jake, Sarah and Emily. They had birthdays, celebrations and vacations at the bay house. His granddaughter Emily was his best friend and although she passed in a fire at the age of seven he knew that she was by his side to the very end.

His daughter Missy took care of him to the very end as she did with her mother. Her dedication to her father over the years before the cancer was well known and up until the very end was appreciated. Jim’s love for his family will last beyond his lifetime.