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Letters to the Editor: Setting Record Straight on F.C. Parking & Bikeshare

Letters to the Editor: May 30 – June 6, 2019

Setting Record Straight on F.C. Parking & Bikeshare


Let’s set the facts straight about the Capital Bikeshare and parking. While Ms. Molino’s [May 9, Letters] challenge about some loss of parking spaces for bike stations has some point, she was grossly wrong in detail: 1) the initial installation on Pennsylvania Ave. took away no (legal) parking spaces (it was in a no-parking zone), and even after it was immediately relocated to the other end of the block, it then took away two, not “three-four” spaces unless we’re talking smart cars and Yugos.

She’s also wrong to say that there is “no parking for the new breakfast site at The Kensington.” There are six spots designated for Famille inside of that building’s garage, and general patron parking otherwise. Her musing that the city should “build 25-30…architecturally pleasing” parking spaces “at the corner of Park & Lee St.” is baffling. Which of the current two residences or Case Design or Maranatha Church — occupants of the four quadrants — is supposed to sell out?

And Chris Raymond’s May 23 letter is wrong to imply that the bike rack was moved after the FCNP Letter — it was moved immediately. While the bike racks do take away from extant parking, the parking issues preceded them and call for better use of the already nearly completely paved-over commercial areas. A creative solution for better utilization of the build parking would go a long way to reducing parking problems — and that includes the aggressive towing. Really, look around and see how rain-impermeable our city is!

Meanwhile, the offer of bike stations is hoped to induce more non-car commuting, and in a way make the Metro stations much closer to commercial establishments for the apparently not insignificant number of people who use these bikes and might now see the City as a more attractive place to visit!

Dan Lehman

Falls Church

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