Letters to the Editor: Don’t Replace Our Parking Space With Bike Racks

Letters to the Editor: May 9 – 15, 2019

Don’t Replace Our Parking Space With Bike Racks


Oh my gosh, does the City realize what they have just done by taking away three to four parking spaces at the corner of Broad and Pennsylvania for bikes and bike racks in front of Panera? Does this mean that Pennsylvania will become a one-way street between Park and Broad St. to avoid accidents particularly when delivery trucks are parked?

Parking spaces are precious in this City and the City takes them away. Can the City explain to the citizens why they made this move? Why not build 25-30 parking spaces that are architecturally pleasing at the corner of Park and Lee St. then have some green space with a couple of benches between the pleasing parking spaces and/or small garage and The Broadway condo?

There is no parking for the new breakfast site at The Kensington, visitors of The Broadway, retail for Panera, Mad Fox, etc. The garage near the Mad Fox fills up fast.

The City would be pleasing the citizens of Falls Church by making green space for sure.

I hope the City of Falls Church will re-evaluate this bike and rack placement.

Barb Molino

Falls Church

Professionalism Overtaken by Fear, Hate & Lies


I came across your column, “Barr & the Soul of the Nation.” I absolutely loved it. The sense of normalcy and professionalism has been overtaken by fear, hate, ignorance and lies.

I hope it helps people understand who you put in office determines a lot of the laws for years to come.

Marco Pounds

Via the Internet

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