2024-06-22 10:48 PM

1 Year Later, Annandale-Hillwood Traffic Signal Still Down

Photo: News-Press

It’s been more than a year since the traffic signal at the intersection of Annandale Rd. and Hillwood Ave. in Falls Church toppled over in high winds one afternoon and the City has yet to permanently replace the felled pole. A temporary signal, blocking access to the sidewalk at the corner of the street, has been in place at the intersection since March 7 of last year.

Initially, the City told the News-Press it would take about 15 weeks to get a new, permanent set of poles in place but four months later in July with no fix in place, the News-Press was told it would take another two months.

After the one year anniversary of the downed signal came and went last Saturday, the News-Press again reached out for an update. On Monday, a City spokesperson said the poles for the signal are being delivered this week and the new light should be up and fully functional within four weeks.

When asked about the delay, the spokesperson blamed the hold up on “reprioritizing after staff turnover” and said the project is now back on track.





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