Letters to the Editor: Taeb’s Passion, Ambition Not Enough for Senate Seat

Letters to the Editor: February 21 – 27, 2019

Taeb’s Passion, Ambition Not Enough for Senate Seat


I am writing in response to Yasmine Taeb’s “I’m Running Because We Need a New Virginia Way” in the Feb. 7-13 Falls Church News-Press. As an immigrant to this country, she is not even familiar with or part of the “Old Virginia Way.”

She and her family have no roots here, did not labor with blood, sweat and tears to build our state, nor does she have any political experience or background to effectively and adequately represent Virginia.

All her fervor, passion, rhetoric and ambition are not enough to carry her to a seat in the senate.

Valerie Arnakis


Experience Matters When It Comes to Public Service


I recently read the Guest Commentary entitled “I’m Running Because We Need a ‘New Virginia Way,’” and it reeked of opportunism. If the “New Virginia Way” means discarding every hardworking, longtime public servant with the experience and relationships to get the job done, and replacing them with people with no public service and no experience, running for their own self-importance, who haven’t lived in the district, and who have neither demonstrated an interest in statewide issues nor the willingness to work hard to fight for them, then count me out.

Dick Saslaw fights for our community, our schools and teachers, our workers, and for our small businesses. He makes sure the state budget doesn’t milk us dry in Northern Virginia, makes sure our transportation projects are well-funded, makes sure we

have adequate access to public services. Perhaps Ms. Taeb would know that if she had actually been his constituent before she decided to carpetbag into the district to launch her political career.

James Cunningham

Falls Church

Modernization of Library Is Good Investment for F.C.


My name is Sam Arny, I live in Falls Church and I am 13 years old. I went to a city council meeting in the middle of January and I happened to hear about the modernization of the Mary Riley Styles library. I would like to share my opinion on the modernization. I really enjoy our library because of its great collection of books, the staff are amazing, and the people that go there are also very nice. The location of the library is also very convenient because it is close to everything.

I think that the modernization of the library is a good investment. During the meeting they mentioned building another floor and adding more extra light. Another floor means more great reading and studying spaces, so I am all in. I have gone to a few Fairfax County libraries in the area and they are all very good. In my opinion our library in Falls Church is the best, and we are very lucky to have this treasure in our town. I really like the way the library is now, so the update will make it even more fantastic.

Sam Arny

Falls Church

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