Virginia Tech Project Will Include Promenade, EYA Says

A RENDERING OF ‘‘THE LITTLE CITY COMMONS” area from the architectural design package by the EYA, PN Hoffman and Regency Centers team selected by the Falls Church City Council to develop the economic portion of the City’s West End Development project. (Rendering: EYA, PN Hoffman, Regency Centers)

Even though EYA did not win the bid to develop the seven-acre Virginia Tech site on Haycock Road adjacent where the new Falls Church West End development project is being planned, the Virginia Tech bid winners of Rushmark and Hitt have included in their plans an extension of the wide promenade that EYA has included in its Falls Church West End plans, EYA’s Evan Goldman told a large town hall gathering at the Community Center Sunday.

It is anticipated that EYA’s West End plans, Virginia Tech’s adjacent property plans and WMATA’s development plans for its West Falls Church Metro property, which will be awarded to either EYA or Rushmark, shall concur on a collective vision for the promenade, which will extend from Route 7 to the Metro station and include a 50-60 foot “gathering node” commons space running the length of 20-foot wide vehicle lanes running in either direction flanked by ground floor retail on both sides also running the entire length. A coordinating meeting of representatives of the three entities is slated for March, Goldman said.

The EYA, PN Hoffman and Regency Centers plan for the City’s site will have a floor-to-area ratio of 3.8 to 4.0, Goldman said, and plans for a City/schools-shared structured parking garage is now virtually certain to be included.