Letters to the Editor: It Was a Job Interview, Not Criminal Proceeding


Letters to the Editor: November 1 – 7, 2018


It Was a Job Interview, Not Criminal Proceeding


In the most recent issue of the paper, a letter from David Phelps was printed responding to the Kavanaugh editorial. It concludes “To convict anyone without proving beyond a reasonable doubt would make us and our justice system more like the old fascist regimes of Germany and Italy.”

Mr. Phelps seems to be under the impression that a Supreme Court nomination hearing is a criminal proceeding, rather than a job interview to determine suitability for a lifetime appointment to the most important court in our country. This is a simple category error, which I am certain Mr Phelps would like to know about. Please inform him that, despite the presence of the prosecutor who spoke for the Republican members of the committee, it was not in fact a trial.

Dylan Lederle-Ensign

Falls Church


What I Hope the Candidates Will Do


I was raised in a family that over four generations voted their civic principles, revered Lincoln as the Great Emancipator and founder of their party and supported Eisenhower because of his national service. They were active in civil rights, served their local communities in many capacities, knew the NRA as a gun safety organization, and believed in protecting the environment.

This year, I voted only for the Democrat candidates, because I think they are far more able to act consistent with those principles than the candidates of the other major party who are inextricably intertwined with the words and deeds of that party’s current national leader.

Here is what I hope the candidates I voted for will do: Govern for everyone rather than only the “base;” End identify politics and inflammatory rhetoric by fostering a renewed sense that “we are all in this together;” Repudiate attacks on immigrants, communal and civic institutions, and the news media; Reinvigorate environmental protection; Effectively regulate firearms and address the scourge of gun violence and mass casualty shootings; Respect and protect the fundamental rights of every person without regard to race, religion, gender, or any other means of making someone else the “other;” Ensure that no vote is suppressed; Guarantee that justice is blind and the laws are enforced accordingly; Support civil servants of all levels of government, first responders, and volunteers; Invest in infrastructure that improves everyday life and enables commerce; Back a well-regulated private sector that innovates, creates jobs, and lessens the role that government must play; Work to make all government programs both effective and efficient; and Seek alternatives to war even as we maintain a strong military capacity, with renewed emphasis on diplomacy, foreign aid, and international trade without tariffs.

I believe that Tim Kaine, Don Beyer, Gerry Connolly and Jennifer Wexton — all of whom I know and respect — are far more likely to pursue these values and outcomes than candidates who are beholden to the present occupant of the White House.

David Snyder

Falls Church


Help End Hunger By Donating To Give Day


Every day, 22,000 people die from hunger. 815 million people in the world are malnourished. If we work together, our community can help end hunger by 2030. There has been a tremendous amount of progress in helping the hungry, but we still need more help.

The Mary Ellen Henderson (MEH) Middle School GIVE (Get Involved, Value Everyone) Day Club recently set a Guinness World Record on World Hunger Day on Oct. 16 for having the most people pack meals simultaneously across multiple locations. Our school was chosen to be one of 13 locations across the world to participate in this event. This event was facilitated by nonprofit organization Rise Against Hunger.

Along with setting a world record for packaging meals, MEH is having a school wide packaging event called GIVE Day on Nov. 27. Our school club will organize this event. This year, we have 97 GIVE Day Club Ambassadors. The Ambassadors will lead the entire MEH student body in packing meals that will be sent around the world.

Our goal is to package 30,000 meals at 33 cents per meal. This can be achieved, with your help. Your donation, however large or small, is much appreciated. Donating is easy, and with a donation of $33, you can be a part of the 100 Meals Club. As a part of the 100 Meals Club you will a receive a pin and the satisfaction of providing 100 meals to starving people across the world. Help end hunger in our lifetime by donating to GIVE Day! Donate online at www.mehpta.org/store/c10/GIVE_Day.html.

Chloe Calabrese, Ally Campbell

Falls Church


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