Letters to the Editor: Falls Church Was Lucky To Have Hugh Brown


Letters to the Editor: November 8 – 14, 2018


Falls Church Was Lucky To Have Hugh Brown


My husband was in Brown’s Hardware on a bitterly cold day when a down-on-her-luck lady walked in with multiple baggage. She asked if she could come in. The immediate answer was “yes.”

Someone brought her a chair and placed it on top of the heat register. Someone else went next door to get her a cup of coffee. She stayed quite a while and was welcome while she stayed.

Falls Church was so lucky to have Hugh Brown with us. I hope Brown’s Hardware continues to welcome everyone.

I think they will.

Sally Phillips

Falls Church


If You’re Tired Of Raking, Try Mowing Leaves


Neighbors, for those of you who are tired of raking leaves (and for the most part, who isn’t except those living in condos), there can be a much easier way to take care of the leaves than raking.

Sure, I still rake leaves but I now take care of a majority of the leaves by mowing them, dumping them back on the grass, and mowing them again.
Then I take them and put them in a plastic composting “fence” with large air holes to make compost.

By mowing the leaves two times, it also compacts the leaves so they seem to take up 1/10 of the space.

I leave the leaves in the plastic “fence” until the next summer, then I have super rich compost I can use in my yard. It is free and I don’t have to get my van dirty hauling compost back from a gardening store. You also save tax dollars for the leaves that the city doesn’t have to collect, and it make the streets cleaner and safer.

Shirley Connuck

Falls Church


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