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Letters to the Editor: September 13 – 19, 2018


More Development Will Add to F.C. Parking Woes


I have been reading the letters to the editor about the parking problems here in Falls Church and also all the glowing articles about the various redevelopments and I would like to remind everyone that development also brings traffic problems.

I live on S. West St. between highways 7 and 29. West is a major cut through between the two. Will I even be able to get my car out of my driveway after the Founders Row and the projects at West Falls Church, both at the high school and the metro station have been completed? Broad St. is two lane in each direction going through Falls Church. The only left turning lane is the one at West St. Currently, when someone has to make a left turn somewhere else, they back up a whole lane of traffic. How much worse will that problem become once the projects have been completed? To get home from my son’s house I have to make a left turn from Moly Dr, a small residential street, onto Great Falls St. With the future developments now in process, doing that might become impossible.

Joan Slottow

Falls Church


Affordable Housing Editorial Obvious, Funny & True


Regarding the editorial of last week’s News-Press, I haven’t seen anything so obvious, so funny, and so true, in years. There is an old legal joke to the effect that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. Let me add that a progressive is always willing to spend someone else’s money but never his own. As Winston Churchill said, “a man under 30 who is not a Liberal, has no heart. A man over 30 who is not a Conservative, has no brain.”
Affordable housing, yes I’m for it, except that it shouldn’t be in my neighborhood, affect my property values, and of course never cost me anything personally.

God must love the United States because we prosper in spite of the contradictions between what we say and what we do.

Henry J. Gordon

Falls Church


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