Letters to the Editor: Shares Safety Concerns Due to New F.C. Parking


Letters to the Editor: August 16 – 22, 2018


Shares Safety Concerns Due to New F.C. Parking


In a recent letter to the editor, Peter Markham shared his concern over parking conditions in the area of Maple and Park streets that have created a danger to drivers and to those exiting parked cars. I’m adding my concern about this risk to his. What I have experienced there leads me to conclude that it is inevitable someone will be injured from the absurd crowding caused by a parking lane on an already narrow and busy road.

Like many others I travel North Maple to Broad Street daily. When I cross Park and am adjacent to the Northside Social, I am forced across my lane line into oncoming traffic. Every car I observe must do the same. This dangerous maneuver is the result of parked cars. As a result, my car and the cars of others are put on a trajectory for a head on collision. There is no other options except to avoid this convenient thoroughfare altogether. This concern does not account for those in danger as they exit parked vehicles by opening driver side doors into traffic.

This situation is a pending disaster.

Dick Doyle

Falls Church


Please Keep the Children’s Library On the 1st Floor


Our family is in agreement with Patricia Dickey’s lovely request in a letter to the editor to keep our children’s reading room invitingly above ground. All research on the subject concurs: physical environment affects children’s well being and outcomes.

Oh please, do not place our young readers in a basement without ready access to the outdoors and natural light.

Cy Simonsgaard

Falls Church


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